Chronicle of the Billboard Wars

A documentary by filmmaker Ossian Or was completed and released.

Halt Digital Billboards Spread

This documentary, “Chronicle of the Billboard Wars,” shares information and inspiration from citizens around the country who have risen up to say, “Enough is enough.”

The producers visited over 20 American cities to document the work of these individuals and organizations that often face difficult political and financial odds in the war against the billboard companies.

In the best American tradition, citizens have taken their grass-roots fight to city councils, county boards, zoning commissions and state legislatures.

Their message is simple: “People, not corporations, own the public space.”

“Chronicle of the Billboard Wars” covers these citizens and their grass roots struggle as they share stories, build solidarity, organize and fight back against the large corporations that are pushing the digital billboards. Their stories are compelling and upbeat as they share their experiences and say to all of us that “you can beat these people” and that “citizens matter.”

Blightfighters was a project of the non-profit organization, Scenic Minnesota.

Watch the chapters from  “Chronicle of the Billboard Wars,” and support all ProScenic Friends. Please help increase awareness of the possible invasion of digital billboards in your local community.

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